PCCY continues to drive the Lead Free Philly Coalition’s efforts to successfully enact Philadelphia’s new and improved lead law, touted as the nation’s most protective.

PCCY stuns Southeastern PA with a new series of reports that show the increasing costs of raising children are pushing families underwater, even if they make $75,000 a year. Recommendations include state funding increases for quality childcare and pre-K.

Some of the region’s top business leaders join forces with PCCY to warn legislators of the economic consequences of continued underfunding of public schools. At the release of The Game Plan, CEOs describe the undue burden on businesses who are unable to find qualified workers among the Pennsylvania’s graduates.

After PCCY shows how the dramatic inequities in state funding force districts to hike property taxes, which depresses property values, Realtors in the region join PCCY in the fight to end chronic underfunding of the public education system.

PCCY serves its 10,000th child during its ninth annual Give Kids Sight Day, the annual day of free vision care for uninsured and underinsured children!

During its Give Kids a Smile event, PCCY’s week of free dental care, PCCY celebrates the 5,000th child served over 16 years of service!

The Picasso Project holds arts an education symposium with keynote speaker Sean Lane, Senior Consultant for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, who hails PCCY’s new school-based grants approach (as opposed to Picasso’s traditional classroom-based grants).