PCCY secures new sporting equipment for Philadelphia Playstreets program through the Rawlings/Kenny Rogers (The Greatest) promotion. PCCY is civic partner to Philadelphia Department of Recreation helping volunteer playstreet leaders who are permitted to close off their blocks for use of kids during summer months secure resources including equipment, games, and materials.

“PCCY truly enriches the lives of Philadelphia youth by offering a safe haven for play,” said Tim Richards, corporate events manager for Rawlings. “Not only are we proud to donate equipment to such a worthy cause, but we are also excited about the prospect of making summer more enjoyable for these kids.”

PCCY plays an integral role in the creation and organizing of the Philadelphia Office of Child Care, announced by then Mayor Ed Rendell on his last day in office.

Harriet Dichter, Deputy Director of Philadelphia Citizens for Children and Youth and Partner, Child Care Matters, “At last, families, child care programs and businesses will have a face and a place within city government, on child care.”